Can I return an item for a replacement?

If you return a faulty item, we will do our best to contact the supplier and order you a replacement. As we do not hold stock ourselves, replacement items can only be provided subject to availability.

If you receive an incorrect item, we will endeavour to send you a replacement, subject to availability. If this is not possible, we will refund you, crediting the cost of the item and delivery to your payment card.

We are able to offer our members such exclusive prices because we order stock from our brand partners after each promotion has closed, rather than holding stock ourselves. This can make it difficult for us to order further stock at a later date, and generally means that, where a replacement is available, there will be a delay in getting the product to you.

Occasionally we may have spare stock in the warehouse if, for example, another customer has returned an item that was on your order or that you have chosen in exchange for the original product. In such cases, we will be able to supply a replacement. These coincidences cannot be relied upon, however, and we are therefore not able to guarantee an exchange. The nature of achica does mean that we are likely to get popular items back in stock in future sales, so we recommend you keep checking your email newsletters and visit our promotions regularly in case the item you like is featured again.

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